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Photographer for Travel Ink

As from April I become an official contributing photographer with 'Travel Ink', a company based in Goring on Thames in Berkshire. Travel Ink are a company who specialise in travel photography and have an impressive list of clients including Getty Images and Corbis. They directly market to clients and I have been working hard to get to a stage with my work when I have enough archive stock to be of interest to such companies. Their style encompasses not just standard travel shots but also reportage and lifestyle photography of places around the world and here in the UK.

'Travel Ink' have been in existence for a number of years and I join them at an exciting time. They are currently undergoing a rebranding, realignment and relaunch. Launch of the new-look agency will be accompanied by a press campaign.

'Travel Ink' now have the exclusive rights to market my travel images that I've selected, for the next three years - I'll update in the future with information on how my images are doing. Easter weekend was spent preparing images from Marrakech, Venice, Poland and London!