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UK finalist in the 'Tourism Authority of Thailand photographic competition'

It is the 50th anniversary of the Tourism Authority of Thailand and to celebrate they have organised a series of photographic competitions across Europe. They aim to select photographers from these countries to invite to Thailand on a week long photographic trip, to attempt to capture the beauty of the Central Plains area of the country, as yet undiscovered by tourism.

As I only found out about the competition a couple of weeks ago, I entered with just a few days to spare before the deadline for submissions with the 4-images below. I am very pleased to be shortlisted as one of only 4-finalists from the UK and will be traveling to Thailand on the 25th July. On my return there will be a formal presentation and announcement of the overall winner of the competition. I'll update on my trip and the outcome of the competition next month.

Fishing boats
The Food stalls of D'jemaa el Fna
Bella Coola
Musician in the market square