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Sales at LatitudeStock and Alamy

After the news about the sales at 'Alonglines', I have also heard that I have made my first sale with 'LatitudeStock'.

I have been supplying work since April last year but allowing for the time it takes for the company to fully prepare images and keyword etc., my work has only been available to clients since August 2010. As it normally takes 6-12 months for sales to commence I am very glad to be ahead of the game and my next submission of images from South East Asia should take my percentage holding of all images at 'LatitudeStock' to over 2%.

Meanwhile I have been uploading images to Alamy, the largest online stock photography company in the world. I have over 900 images online so far, all of which have been through tight quality controls. At the end of last year I made my first two sales, one of which was featured in November edition of BBC's 'Lonely Planet' magazine. I am aiming to have over 1,000 images available to customers by the end of March this year which should increase my sales.

Click on the logo to take you directly to all of my images on Alamy to date (just type my name in the box!).

Stock photography by Emma+Durnford at Alamy