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The Big One!

Vantage Point
After a number of attempts (see 12 March 2011, and 13 March 2010) I have finally achieved one of my photographic goals.

On Saturday 9 April my photograph was selected as the lead image on the 'In-Pictures' page of the Guardian's colour supplement. I was pleased with the quality of reproduction and also the size which ran to a third of a page over a double page spread. It really is true that 'size does matter' in the case of published photos!

The subject was 'Vantage Point' and I immediately thought of this image which is one I was pleased with when I took it a couple of years ago on New Years Eve in Barcelona, but I have never found the right forum for use before. It was one of two photographs I took of the same group of lads but in the second the man at the front had sat upright with his friends so it did not have the same visual impact. Obviously I feel the printed version looks the most impressive but please see below for the link to the on-line gallery of selected images for this week to view the results.