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LRPS Hanging Plan

On the 9th of June I was recommended to be awarded the Distinction of being a 'Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society'. These Distinctions are recognised throughout the world and are awarded on the basis of a portfolio of 10-mounted photographs.

I submitted a panel of 10-images from South East Asia for judging by a 'Panel' of five qualified photographers from around the country. During the 2-day assessment of applicants, the judges look for evidence of sound basic technical skills, competence of presentation, camera work, technical quality, visual awareness, communication and evidence of a developing personal style.

My portfolio turned out to be the only travel panel presented that morning. It was a tense time waiting for my portfolio to be hung for judging by the 'Panel' but when it eventually came to my turn, the feedback was both constructive and positive. My relief was obvious when the Chairperson announced my award to the audience and a round of applause!

On the 11th of June the recommendation was formally ratified so I am now officially Emma Durnford LRPS.