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Local greeting cards

After a lot of time sourcing a suitably high quality printing company and negotiating with card stockists, I am pleased to write that my new range of local greeting cards will be on sale in shops from the end of June.

The Mackenzie Gallery at 80 High Street, Teddington will be exclusively stocking the cards of the Red Deer stag, Parakeet, Diana's fountain at sunset and Teddington footbridge at dawn in the High Street. 'The Card Collection' at 39 High Street will stock the other 4-images - Hampton Court gate, Hampton Court and Privy Garden, Peg Woffington's House and the Teddington footbridge in the afternoon sun.

On the other side of Teddington, 'It's a Wrap' (13 Broad Street) has exclusivity on Broad Street with 5-cards - Hampton Court gate, Peg Woffington's House, Teddington footbridge in the afternoon sun, the stag and parakeet.

Alternatively you can purchase cards direct from me. Please visit the 'Greeting Cards' gallery to have a closer look at the photographs and then send me an email via my 'Contact Emma' page.

Red Deer stag
Sunset over the 'Diana Fountain'
Ring-Necked Parakeet
Sunrise over Teddington Footbridge and Weir
Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace and Privy Garden
Teddington Footbridge
Peg Woffington's Cottage