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Photography in Greenwich

At the beginning of August I spent an enjoyable Sunday with the Royal Photographic Society (Documentary and Visual Journalism Group) practicing 'street photography' skills at Greenwich Market, in between heavy rain storms. Rather than attempting 'grabbed' shots from afar with the telephoto lens, I prefer to have a chat with people, asking if they mind me photographing them at work which I find produces much more rewarding images. I always offer to email the photographs afterwards if anyone is interested.

As a result of one of these chats (and a delicious lunch of a chorizo ciabatta), I have been asked to come back and professionally photograph a stall in October on my return from the United States. I am really looking forward to this and hope that it may lead to further commissioned shoots in the area.

A small selection of images from my original shoot in Greenwich can be found on my photography Facebook page - here's the link to this album

'Greenwich' album (click on each image to see the photograph completely).