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Back home now!

After five and a half weeks travelling around South East Asia, we have returned to the UK. I had been hoping for signs of Spring but it seems just as cold as the day we left and just as grey. The good news is that Burma was even better that I could have hoped for with lovely people and so many photographic opportunities. My final photo count from the trip is 5,117 although I tend to only use about 25% or so. There is a lot of work ahead of me to edit (severely), prep and apply metadata to the selection. I estimate it'll take about 3-months or so and then it's off to the photo libraries who are already asking for the images.

I aim to put on a gallery of Burma images before I start the main editing work as it is such a beautiful country I cannot wait to complete the formal editing!

Keep an eye on my galleries in the next couple of weeks or so.