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Tour de France 2014


I couldn't miss the chance to see the Tour de France pass through London on the third and final stage of the race to be held in Great Britain. I planned my photo position carefully as I had a sharp learning curve whilst trying to photograph the cycling events during the Olympics in 2012! I selected West Ham Lane in Stratford as it is a 90 degree bend on the course after the riders have passed through Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I was very lucky to get a space right by the barriers a few meters down from the corner so that the riders would be on my side of the road and would slow down to take the bend. Now the timing, I know it gets very busy so I was in position nearly 4-hours before the actual race was due to pass through.

After swapping back and forth with lenses i finally chose my 70-200mm to capture the action. There was the 'Caravan' which arrived about and hour and half before the cyclists and consisted of lots of unusual floats, a lot of which were throwing small gifts to the waiting children. There were motorbike police and gendarmes from France.

When the cyclists finally arrived at 15.43, there were two in a break-away lead followed by the main peloton and a little later a single rider who definitely got the most cheers. The actual race flashed by in under a minute and the riders were so close I could feel the breeze. I and everyone around me were really responsible in using our cameras unlike others along the route, a number of whom were struck by cyclists when they are absorbed in taking 'selfless'!!

Marcel Kittel riding in the Giant-Shimano team was first over the line at the Mall and at this stage Chris Froome (UK) riding in Team Sky was fifth in the overall placings of cyclists.

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