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Photo shoot for British Airways in Venice

IMG 3104

Some time ago I entered a number of photographs into a competition organised by British Airways as part of their new 'Inspire Us' advertising campaign. The competition had been advertised in the Daily Telegraph, Time Out magazine and as you can see, also on the London Underground.

I received a phone call from British Airways today to let me know that from over 16,000 photo entries I have been selected as one of 10 people to be flown to a destination in Europe to shoot a new advert for BA with another professional photographer and 'crew'!

I get to take my photographic assistant Colin with me (well - I need a tripod carrier) and will be spending Easter in Venice! Our first day will be spent on the shoot itself and I'll be meeting the BA Executive and photographic team next week to discuss arrangements. I'm on my own as the other winners will be off to other locations. Ultimately the images will be used for an ad campaign and could even appear on the side of buses!

Although I had entered some photographs that I had taken in Venice, it was actually this image of fishermen on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul that caught the judges eye.