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British Airways advertising campaign 'Winners reception'

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Today we attended the evening reception held at BBH Advertising Agency in Soho. I got to meet the other 9 winners of the British Airways 'Inspire Us' photographic competition and also to see everyones entries printed and framed.

It was good to have the opportunity to meet the professional advertising photographer that I will be working with whilst in Venice - Mark Leary - winner of a number of D&AD and other design awards. I will be working for a day with a crew of around 8 people from both British Airways and BBH. The only challenge I am finding daunting at this stage is the fact that I will have to shoot with supplied kit, not my trusty 5D Mk3. I have no idea why camera I will be using but I suspect it may be more of a point and shoot to ensure that the photographs from all the winners have the same look and feel for consistency across the campaign.

I also do not get to see, edit or prep the images that I take on the day as this will be undertaken by the BBH team (I could get used to that with all the post shoot work I have to do at present!). However, within just 2-weeks, my images may be seen on the London Underground, in magazines and even on the side of buses!

We're off on the 1st of April ,shooting on the 2nd and then relaxing on the 3-4th - we'll need a rest then. I'll report back in a few days - internet allowing!