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Shooting for British Airways in Venice

2nd April 2015

Images courtesy and copyright of Colin Durnford.

Today I was on a photo-shoot for British Airways for their 'Inspire Us' campaign along with professional advertising photographer Mark Leary, my mentor for the day. Despite my concerns regarding the kit we would be using (all supplied) - Mark had brought a Canon 5D Mk 3 (the same as mine) and a Canon 7D body as back up. All the lenses were prime lenses along with a set of Lee filters.

As well as Colin, myself and Mark the photographer in the team we had Chris Clarke - creative director at the advertising agency BBH, Emma Weare BBH Account Manager, Luisa Saro the local Producer, Frederico the runner and Nick Welsh the marketing lead at British Airways. Quite a difference to being on my own for the day.

We had got up at 5.15 am and finally finished shooting at 8.20 in the evening and I'll admit that I was shattered by the end. During the day we used water taxis and even got a ride on a gondola. I really did learn some useful skills in particular with use of filters and tiling of images for a file size big enough for hoarding adverts.

I won't know for a week or so what the choice of image will be or where they will be used but watch this space for details.