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New series of 'Moltalbano' being filmed

I'll admit - I have only actually seen half an episode of the Italian detective series 'Moltalbano'. However my Mum is a big fan as are a number of our friends. The last series was filmed in 2010 and as far as anyone was aware there were no plans to film any further episodes. On a recent trip to Sicily I decided to visit the location used for the main characters beachside apartment to take some photos for my Mum. I was a little surprised to find the beach was limited to access due to an exceedingly bossy woman. I soon realised that filming was going on but still did not know what of. I nipped around the back and came across a taped off road with a clear view to the front door of the apartment. Imagine my surprise which I saw Luca Zingaretti, the Italian lead actor being filmed!

Security on photographing was tight but never to be deterred and with my press hat on I managed a few 'grab shots' for another Demotix article - HERE. The new series are due to come out later in the year - it could be a lot later as one scene that looked very straight forward had in excess of 15 takes!!