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It's all happening at Teddington Lock

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What a brilliant day - at about 11.15am the Queen's royal barge - the Gloriana - passed through Teddington Lock as part of the 'Tudor Pull' leading the Watermen's boats carrying the 'Stela' from Hampton Court on route to the Tower of London.

Soon after a flotilla of 18 of the Dunkirk 'Little Ships' mustered at the long lock to give people a chance to have a good look at them. Once the lock opened they were escorted by the Teddington Lifeboat on their journey downstream. This impressive display is to commemorate the 75th anniversary since 'Operation Dynamo' when they all took part in the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk. The 'Little Ships' will continue downstream to overnight a the Royal Docks and then travel onto Ramsgate. On Thursday 21st of May the 'Little Ships' will cross the English Channel to Dunkirk in France.

Needless to say I was there with the camera and put together a couple of articles for Demotix

The 'Tudor Pull' article

The 'Little Ships' article