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Winner of the Avis 'Road Trip' photographic competition

The SH80

Another photographic win which this time required both a photograph and some clever wording. I had to post a photo of my favourite road and a description of why it is in only 80 words and the prize would be a trip to Portugal and a chance to drive what has been nominated the worlds best driving road - the N222 near Porto - in a Mercedes Benz.

My entry was one of my favourite images of the SH80 on South Island in New Zealand which leads past Lake Tekapo up to the Mount Cooke village. The drive is stunning and the opportunities for photography on route meant that we always arrive later than we intended! This is the piece that I wrote…

'This is the view along the SH80 on South Island in New Zealand. When we drove it, it was virtually deserted, perfectly tarmaced with no potholes and it was a pleasure to drive the wonderful sweeping, cambered bends. With stunning views of the snow covered peak of Mount Cook in the distance, the air was so clear the mountain seemed closer than it actually was. With the shoreline of the glacial Lake Pukaki alongside it was the most impressive way to reach the Mount Cook Range!'

Arrangements are in hand by Avis - keep an eye out for photos of our trip.