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First photographic lecture ever!

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Upsala Glacier, Argentina (above)

I was flattered to be asked last October by Seamus Reid, President of the Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society to be one of two guest speakers for his Presidents Evening in February. The theme was to be our trip to South America and as we were actually in the most Southerly town in the world when Seamus wrote (Ushuaia in Argentina) it seemed a very long time away so I blithely agreed! It was only a week or so before the evening when I wondered what I had let myself in for.

However, after a lot of practice my talk which accompanied 117 images from our trip seemed to go down well. One of my most difficult tasks was to edit down from over 6,000 photographs taken over our 6.5 week expedition in South America in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. I was so relieved to finish and the glass of wine at half time was well deserved. Feedback from my fellow club members was very positive but I still would not like to repeat this of a very long time!

Photos to follow on my website in due course.